Communication intro

Being deaf, I have to consider communication all the time. I find it interesting to observe the many ways people communicate – with and without words. I use this to support my own communication work.

Public speaking/workshops

Jane is an experienced public speaker. In Poland she gave regular speeches in Polish at parliament and to the media. In 2012 she has given a lecture and workshop at Leeds University, been keynote speaker at the Springboard Consultancy annual conference and run a workshop on body language for trainee coaches.

2008 at Polish Constitutional Tribunal

2008 at Polish Constitutional Tribunal

Springboard Conference

2012 Springboard Conference

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Clear communication

Writing: To reach wider audiences use plain English. Explain any special names and avoid jargon. To test this, when you have written something, ask a person who is not involved in your area if they can understand everything. If not, change it! Speaking: Be aware that at least 15% of people use lipreading to support their understanding of speech. You can help them:

  • Don’t cover your mouth.
  • Don’t speak too quickly.
  • Don’t mumble or mutter.

Languages – have a go!

Learning another language is one of the most powerful ways you can reach out to others and extend your personal range. British people are not great language learners. We tend to be scared of making mistakes and/or a bit lazy about learning. But by not learning, we miss out on an empowering tool – a humbling way to understand another culture. If you are in the UK and would like to try a new language, why not start with sign language?

Writing and research

Jane wrote a Cambridge University Press educational book: Cambridge Business English Activities. In 2011 she gave a research paper at the first Research Conference of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)in the Netherlands. The paper compared disabled and non-disabled responses to coaching.

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